A little bio ...

September 16, 2018

Hi !

I’ve always been passionate about Science.

More recently, I discovered the great pleasure of learning with and from others. I am pretty involved in the Data Science space (which is also my job), but still curious about various other fields like Biology, Astronomy, Electronics, etc.

I have a Food Science & Engineering backgroung. That kind of impacts my choice of examples. I am especially interested in three crucial (at least in my opinion) themes : health, food and climate.

I learned and am still learning a lot thanks to free software and tutorials. My main purpose with this blog is to share more knowledge, and make it free and available for everyone, with a very hands-on and practical mindset.

So please feel more than free to comment, criticize, supplement or question anything that is written in this blog, will be happy to discuss :)

If you’re really cool, shoot me an e-mail ! ;-)


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